Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Divine Joy

Yesterday during KriyaYoga meditation I asked God what I can do to improve the kriya pranayama flow. God's advice was to read again the beginning chapters of „On your wings of Love“ to dissolve my remaining fear from God. „On your wings of Love“ is a main section of the Spiritual Treasures, and I have read it several times already and I benefited each time, as there are many important chapters included which work like a „magical key“ on the way to God. 

Some important chapters were able to dissolve blockages in me even when I have read them the 3rd or 4th time, as when I progressed spiritually I could read it on a deeper level and some basic truth like „God is love“ can be a healing affirmation or mantra, which one need to remember often to heal the relationship to god on a deep level.

So I started reading „On your wings of Love“ again and when I came to the chapter „Bhakti Yoga“ and the explanation that everything and everybody is made out of God's divine spirit I realized that on one level I am already one with God as God's energy is entering and flowing through me. This suddenly caused a multiple energy flow from God to me. 

I realized that God's divine spirit is surrounding me and during kriya yoga meditation I concentrated on embracing God's divine spirit with my love and surrendering myself into it. I felt divine joy overcoming me, joy of getting „one with God“. The kriya pranayama flow became similiar to my deepest meditations, when I felt close to maha samadhi specially at the end of my last spiritual retreat in Cambodia.

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Divine Presence

Yesterday my guru reminded me that it is possible to use the sleeping hours for out of body learning, so the soul can continue to receive spiritual lesssons while the physical body takes a rest. I prayed to God to give me spiritual lessons during sleep or to give me „angel work“, as I remember several times when I worked as an angel during the night. In addition I asked God to be more conscious during sleep if this is possible and reasonable.

So after making this prayer yesterday night was different to a normal night: I „dreamed“ more consciously, which means that I was more aware of what I was dreaming, though after each dream I quickly forgot the content and I had much more dreams than normally. 

However, after one dream I suddenly felt this magical divine presence surrounding me like most loving light, being with me, in me and around me. The loving light presence of God I felt strongest around the heart chakra area, though extending to all upper body and into my aura like a big pillar of most intense loving light. This was a special way of experiencing God's presence and the first time with that intensity. The loving presence stayed a while and my kriya pranayama flow was very strong afterwards.  

The kriya pranayama got so strong and sweet that concentrating on this energy flow felt like „eating/absorbing sweet food“. A few days earlier it was similiar: during kriya yoga meditation I obviously got an external infusion of most intense, loving energy and after that the kriya pranayama felt like consuming „sweetest food“.

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Spiritual Preview

After my spiritual retreat in Cambodia last year, during which I felt very close to Maha Samadhi, I prayed to God to give me a preview of what comes after my soul leaves the physical body, as apparently I had some spiritual blockages there.
Then during the next months God showed me two previews of how it feels without physical body on a higher spiritual level. 

One time during Kriya Yoga meditation I suddenly was out of body and I observed myself healing somebody. While I had other out of body experiences, this time it was different because I felt tremendous, my whole body vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling in deep magical peace and love, obviously I was in a higher spiritual light body. This cannot really be described in words, I just felt extremely powerful energy flowing through me and I was in deepest peace and harmony I can ever remember.

So I realized that the physical body is just a burden, because even during deepest meditation I never even felt close to this. During these months God gave me another out of body experience to fulfill my wish of having a spiritual preview, as it always was difficult to me to understand what is coming after losing the physical body.

So basically God showed me the difference in how I feel with physical body: often heavy, burdened, everything is slow and needs lots of energy and efforts; and without physical body in a higher light body: being in magical peace and deepest love, feeling so light, vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling that everything is perfect, everything to do is very easy, needing little energy only.

 Thank you God for fulfilling this prayer wish.

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Balance Your Energy

I realized that my energy is flowing best if I have a good mixture of physical activity and time for kriya yoga meditation, it is like YIN and YANG. When I tried to meditate the full day I realized that meditation often is much better after physical activity, which could be physical work, walking in nature or Hatha Yoga exercise.

When I skip the physical activity I often get very tired and then it is hard to do good meditation. As well in the morning I normally need physical activity first to activate the body after sleep. A walk in the fresh morning air and I feel much better. A round of good Hatha Yoga and a refreshing shower are good options for me as well to wake up the body in the morning.

It is always important to listen to your own body needs. So if you get tired during meditation you may consider any activity to wake up your body. Furthermore often a change of location is helpful because every location has a different energy. That is why you rarely feel good if you are at the same place all day, like staying at home all the time. 

Though when I had my best “spiritual/ love flows“ physical activity and change of place were not as important any more as my connection to God and my prana flow was so strong that 1-2 hours of sleep had been enough to feel tremendous.

As well being with loving people or visiting a place with nice music can be very uplifting and balance your energy. So sometimes I reconnected to God while sitting silently in my favourite dancing place, where there is nice salsa music played and which is visited by loving people. Of course, dancing itself can get the energy flowing again, which I often observed when I was dancing in a nice location with uplifting music and a loving community. Furthermore, sometimes it was just a nice meal in a restaurant, which helped me to open and reconnect to God and love again. 

In these situations, it helps me to enjoy food consciously and with an attitude of being thankful to everybody who contributed to it. This often triggered a beautiful love flow in me and helped me to connect more deeply to God.
Though most of the time all I needed to balance my energy was just a peaceful, silent walk in nature and concentrating on God and love at the same time. During a nature walk energy flows easily and for me, this was always the fastest way to recover from a hard and stressful working day or after having experienced emotional distress.

Listen to your own intuition and heart and you will most probably feel yourself what you need to do to get energy and love flowing again. 

Montag, 1. September 2014

Fake spiritual organizations

In August 2014 I worked for an organization, which called itself to be spiritual. Though there was no freedom given to the volunteer and no flexibility in the heart and brain of the responsible people of the organization and thus no real unconditional love for the locals and volunteers who supported the project.

The organization has the goal to plant trees for the local people in Kenya in a semi-arid area, which bear edible fruits, leaves or roots. Though the planting procedure was very inefficient and complicated, which means that a group of about 8 people could only plant about 16 trees in one day. In addition the organization wanted only to plant indigenous trees, which means that actually only kind of wild trees are planted, which often bear small or unpopular fruits or trees, which the locals can only use the leaves, but the local people asked for the real fruit trees, like mango tree, papaya tree and avocado tree, which all can grow in this area, as a female student told me, because she has these trees around her school.

As I brought many seeds for growing herbs, flowers, vegetables and berries on the camp I asked the project director where I could plant them, but he was too complicated and said that now he doesn't have time to search for a spot and before he can allow planting anything they first need to do research on any seed which I would like to be planted, so in the end it was not possible for me to plant any of my seeds, although the camp had an area of about 10 hectares with lots of empty space, where nothing was growing so far.

Moreover, there were strict and kind of fanatical rules at the organization, which took away any freedom and the free flow of love of the camp community. So there was only vegan food allowed, which means that chocolate, honey and milk were prohibited. Furthermore, coffee, tea, spicy food and processed food were forbidden. Of course there was as well no meat, cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs allowed, which was not a problem to me as I am vegetarian, non-smoker and I don't take drugs anyway, but of course, there were non-vegetarian and people who smoked secretly at the camp as well.

Furthermore, the volunteer was not allowed to leave the camp after work without telling the responsible of the project and if you went for a walk in nature you had to make sure to have reception of phone regularly, that they can contact you. So any longer walk in nature was difficult because then there would often be no reception of the mobile phone.

There were even more rules like only communication in English allowed at the camp or playing only non-competitive games. Although part of these rules, like eating vegetarian food and not taking alcohol and other drugs make spiritual sense if the people do it on there own decision and because of spiritual love and responsibility for the health. However, the problem was that there was no freedom given to the people, which resulted in lots of frustration and tension between the people at the project. So people often travelled to the next town on Sunday to have some chocolate, coffee or whatever they missed on the camp.

So, in the end, we called it to be a prison camp, because of no freedom and love but hard digging work. This resulted in my decision to leave the camp after only about 3 weeks and to go on a spiritual retreat concentrating on kriya yoga meditation, although I first planned to work at the organization for 6 months or even longer.

Of course, I had some good experiences there as well, as meeting the local people who were very humble and loving, being in peaceful nature, meeting wild animals and looking at the amazingly bright stars in the night in such a remote place without any towns close by.

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Spiritual Healing In Kenya

From August 2014 to the end of January 2015 there will be spiritual healing available in Kenya. 3rd and 4th August the spiritual healer will be in Nairobi and from 5th to 6th August in the area of Kitale/Kiminini. 


After that he will participate in an humanitarian project close to Kisima in Samburu county. The goal is to plant lots of fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs to have enough food available for the local people in Samburu county. Moreover, the planting of forests can help to stop the desertification in Kenya. The people of Samburu county had often suffered famine in the last years. There was a loss in rainfall in the last years due to a negative change of climate because of cutting down too many trees and overgrazing.

The organization sadhanaforest works together with the local people and wants to create a big nursery of many thousands of young fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs to give free saplings to the local people. Then they plan to plant trees and vegetables together with the locals around their houses to build small edible gardens. Moreover, they want to educate the local people in water conservation, mulching, planting, watering and taking care of their own garden.

The spiritual healer will be back in Nairobi at the end of October for extending the visa and after that again in Samburu county to support the humanitarian project at least up to the end of January 2015. So he will be close to Kisima most of the time, but if there is a big interest in spiritual healing he may organize to visit another location in Kenya as well. If you would like to receive spiritual healing please contact via phone or email. To keep up to date please visit the News page or the Facebook page Naturheilpraxis Martin Ott.

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Travel costs

Now I will give you an overview of my travel costs for 6 months volunteering in Kenya and Uganda.

The following travel costs include the participation of a 3 months volunteer project in Kenya (website of the organizer is closed now) and a 3 months volunteer project in Uganda (volunteer action for peace).

Project fees (including 6 months accommodation and 3 months food):  

1,140€ (30%) 

Visa fees for Kenya and Uganda about 80€ (2%)

Flights (Germany-Kenya, Kenya-Uganda, Uganda-Germany) 696€ (18%) 
Other public transport (train, bus, matatu, taxi) about 150€ (4%)

Food (for 3 months) and other personal costs about 400€ (11%)

Health insurance (was obligatory) 134€ (4%)

Donations to the poor (paying for school fees, rent, food,...) 1,200€ (32%)

Total cost about 3,800€ (100%)

Christmas blessing 2011

This year, 2011, God gave me special Christmas blessings. First, he gave me many occasions to help the poor here in Kenya in the last months. So he sent me many people needing food or being in a financial emergency situation like not being able to pay school fees or rent. Often the people needed material and spiritual help at the same time and had been open to accepting spiritual advise and inspiration. In the weeks and days around Christmas God even sent more material and spiritual emergencies to me, partially even several in one day and sometimes I had to give all money that I had in my pocket (or bring more later). In addition, God guided people to me who I could inspire to read spiritual texts about kriya yoga and I explained to them the love prayer and bowing to the feet of God and all mankind.

As in December 2011 I still stayed with the orphanage I had many additional occasions to support them. So I sponsored there a few more things, bought gifts for the orphans and sometimes I brought fruits and cakes to brighten up there Christmas season. During these weeks several people called it a miracle from God that I came to them.

So first God gave me the chance to create miracles for others and at the same time, I enjoyed increased blessing from God. This special blessing started with the beginning of December with much easier, more loving and flowing kriya yoga meditation. From this time on my meditations usually were very loving, energy normally flowing from the very beginning and often after hours I enjoyed even more sweet love flowing. So nowadays it is really a joy to do the kriya yoga meditations. In addition, I got a very special Christmas gift during the Holy Night: I woke up at 2:00 am because of most intense Christmas blessing: a sweet infusion of most divine sweetest love entered my energy centres at the back and I enjoyed this divine bliss and love for hours. 

After Christmas all continued: so God sent me more people to help and I am receiving even more blessing. These days now I am starting my volunteering in Uganda. God blessed me to be here in a very remote and natural environment, were I enjoy very loving, peaceful and uplifting kriya yoga meditation.

Spiritual affirmations

I would like to share some of the spiritual affirmations, that often proved to be extremely helpful for me. It seems to me that God, angels or spiritual guides whispered them to me when I needed them most. (I always use them in my mind.)

I am a free child of God.
This affirmation often helped me to realize and remember that I have full freedom to do whatever feels best and most loving.

I am made to the image of God. This often helped me to feel lovable.

I am going home to God. When I think of the word God I breathe in (allowing God to enter my body) and with breathing out I surrender all to God. This proved to be extremely uplifting, often I felt fully refreshed even a short time.

God is love. This affirmation helped me in many difficult situations and spiritual crises to concentrate on Faith in God.

I am love/ Martin is love. This often helped me to feel loveworthy again whenever things went wrong and when I started to blame myself or when other criticized me. 

These affirmations are inspired from reading the Spiritual Treasures.