Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Travel costs

Now I will give you an overview of my travel costs for 6 months volunteering in Kenya and Uganda.

The following travel costs include the participation of a 3 months volunteer project in Kenya (website of the organizer is closed now) and a 3 months volunteer project in Uganda (volunteer action for peace).

Project fees (including 6 months accommodation and 3 months food):  

1,140€ (30%) 

Visa fees for Kenya and Uganda about 80€ (2%)

Flights (Germany-Kenya, Kenya-Uganda, Uganda-Germany) 696€ (18%) 
Other public transport (train, bus, matatu, taxi) about 150€ (4%)

Food (for 3 months) and other personal costs about 400€ (11%)

Health insurance (was obligatory) 134€ (4%)

Donations to the poor (paying for school fees, rent, food,...) 1,200€ (32%)

Total cost about 3,800€ (100%)

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