Dienstag, 5. März 2019

Distant Healing - FAQ

How does a spiritual healing session look like?

A Spiritual healing session consists of two parts:  

1. Spiritual counselling: the therapist will ask you questions about your background, you can choose between a written counselling over Email, Facebook, Whatsapp or a phone/ Skype call.

2. The healing session: you will be asked to send your up-to-date picture and to choose the most convenient time of the day when you would like to receive a session. Make sure that you are undisturbed and relaxed. It is best for you if you manage to maintain full focus for about 30 minutes. During this time the therapist will focus on sending you spiritual healing.

What to expect from a distant healing session?

The spiritual healer connects to God and transfers Divine healing energy to the patient. Chakra healing and Aura cleansing occur naturally when the Divine Love energy is transferred to the patient. The healing and cleansing of the metaphysical body result in improved health in the physical body as well. Pain is often reducing or fully going away through the treatment and many physical conditions improve as well.

Often the patient feels different sensations in his body, which shows that there is healing happening in the part of the body where this occurs. What the patient feels is individual and while some don't directly feel the healing energy many people feel heat or tingling in the body part where the Divine healing is active. Even cold is a typical sensation as certain illnesses respond with cold and others with heat during the healing treatment. Very sensitive patients are able to feel the energy flow itself and they report comfortable feelings of joy or lightness of body.

How to achieve the best results from the healing?

One of the most important prerequisites for successful treatment is the full opening of the patient and trust in the healer and God or source if you prefer that word. Of course, the healer cannot give a promise if the condition of the patient will improve after the session. Though if the patient focuses on a loving attitude and reconciliation with all people then the chances for a substantial improvement of his condition are highly increased or even a full cure might occur.

How many sessions do you need?

In most cases, there is already a visible improvement after the first session but its individual how many sessions are needed for deeper healing as it depends on the severity of a condition, openness of a patient and his own efforts to bring his life into balance. As with other forms of treatments, it is beneficial to have a couple sessions while you continue to progress on bringing necessary changes/ adjustments to your life. You might be given a small “homework” to do between the sessions.


Spiritual Healing & Counselling is given for an Honest Donation.

The Donation for each session is payable in advance into the bank account mentioned below:

Recipient: Martin J Ott

IBAN: IE81IPBS99070627573017 BIC: IPBSIE2D (permanent tsb bank, Douglas, Cork)

What is an honest donation you may ask? It’s up to your heart to give whatever you feel is right. The amount may differ from person to person depending on their financial resources.