Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Divine Presence

Yesterday my guru reminded me that it is possible to use the sleeping hours for out of body learning, so the soul can continue to receive spiritual lesssons while the physical body takes a rest. I prayed to God to give me spiritual lessons during sleep or to give me „angel work“, as I remember several times when I worked as an angel during the night. In addition I asked God to be more conscious during sleep if this is possible and reasonable.

So after making this prayer yesterday night was different to a normal night: I „dreamed“ more consciously, which means that I was more aware of what I was dreaming, though after each dream I quickly forgot the content and I had much more dreams than normally. 

However, after one dream I suddenly felt this magical divine presence surrounding me like most loving light, being with me, in me and around me. The loving light presence of God I felt strongest around the heart chakra area, though extending to all upper body and into my aura like a big pillar of most intense loving light. This was a special way of experiencing God's presence and the first time with that intensity. The loving presence stayed a while and my kriya pranayama flow was very strong afterwards.  

The kriya pranayama got so strong and sweet that concentrating on this energy flow felt like „eating/absorbing sweet food“. A few days earlier it was similiar: during kriya yoga meditation I obviously got an external infusion of most intense, loving energy and after that the kriya pranayama felt like consuming „sweetest food“.

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