Montag, 18. Juni 2018

Kriya Yoga Retreat August 2018

From 01st August to  21st August 2018 there will be a retreat window for beginner and more advanced Kriya Yogis to meet here in Cork, Ireland.

You may come here for one week, two weeks or three weeks.
If needed earlier arrivals or later departures might be possible on request.
Please let me know asap if you are interested to participate in the retreat:

  ❤❤❤ I love you all ❤❤❤

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Water Fasting

Water Fasting has been highly beneficial to me whenever I decided to do it. In the beginning I just skipped meals and replaced it with drinking water (or sometimes herbal teas). This was already very helpful and I felt a nice cleansing after skipping breakfast and drinking water instead.

Later on I started to water fast for a few days, then 5 days, 7 days, 10 days and now I did 12 days. For any longer fasts beyond the first days it is highly recommended to know exactly what you are doing before you start the fast, otherwise it could be dangerous.

This 12 day water fast was embedded in a spiritual retreat, which I did last March/April together with Roger. As a preparation I started to reduce the food intake for two days, with the second day eating fruits only. Fruits are helpful before fasting, because they start to cleanse the body already. At this fruit only day I experienced an emotional low in the afternoon, which in my case comes typically together with cravings for sweet food, like chocolate. I allowed myself to eat coconut meat in addition to the fruits. Later during the fasting there had been almost no food cravings any more. In earlier fasts specially the first days had been accompanied with more cravings for food.

Then for the next 12 days I was drinking only water with the exception of a little  squeezed lime juice, which helps to have bowl movement. This time the fasting was special as I started it at the beginning of the holy week. The first days were similar to earlier fasting experiences with being sometimes physically weak, but having periods of high energy as well.

The experience changed with Good Friday, as I obviously received blessings to deepen my fasting cleanse. From this day on I was physically very weak, as all energy seemed to concentrate on the profound cleansing process. Though my meditation focus went totally inside and the energy flow was increased. So I just concentrated on meditating almost full time, as my body was too weak to go for a walk or to do Hatha Yoga. I was emotionally totally stable and relaxed and just went peacefully through the intense healing process, as I knew that it would be highly beneficial for me. 

During the fast my mind cleared totally and I received answers, ideas, inspirations about everything which was relevant for my life, including how to move on with work.

My physical energy started to come back during the last days of the water fast, my meditation went deeper and I felt better day by day. For securing bowl movement I needed to take a laxative several times and specially helpful was to break the water fast with prune juice, which triggered a bowl movement a few hours later.

The first days after the water fast I drank only prune juice and freshly squeezed juices, like pineapple juice. Then I started slowly to eat again, which was first day only fruits, second day fruits and salad and following days still mainly fruits and salads, but allowing a bit bread, nuts, olives,...

After the fasting I felt exactly what my body needed: after the prune juice my body asked for pineapple juice. When I started to eat my body told me exactly what it needed, first fruits, especially pineapple, next day some vegetables in addition, especially pepper, next day moreover sunflower seeds, olives and bread. Though this was not really cravings, which was true for earlier fasts, as my body didn't ask for sweets or cooked food. I was emotionally more stable to break the fast than I was last times, as normally cravings came back quickly.

The result of the fasting was that I felt tremendous after it, I felt never better in my life. I developed an amazing good connection to God, spiritual, emotional  and physical high, feeling especially strong spiritually and physically. 
After 15 days of first only water and last days only juices I had amazing good Kriya Yoga meditation, almost no sleep (0-2 hours only every night), just very beautiful and loving prana flow, feeling so much joy, love and happiness.
This continued when I started to allow moderate food intake. Generally I really felt like newborn after the fasting, my mind got clear and I had abundance of energy.

In the end of the retreat, after the intense fasting Kriya Yoga meditation was very deep, often I felt divine sweetness in the spine and in the morning hours I woke up with an amazing energy "flush"/ flow, which I rarely experienced before that.

I thank God, my guru, saints, angels and Roger, who all supported me during this intense cleansing process and helped me to accomplish it successfully.

Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

New Year's Blessing

Yesterday I decided to dedicate New Year's Eve only for God. I did Kriya Yoga meditation and prayed to God. I asked God to dissolve all my attachments and make me totally free to do the most loving and spiritually efficient at every moment. Then around midnight with the start of the New Year I felt the presence of God and my Guru around, a lot of bliss and happiness entered the room. 

When I fell asleep later on I had a spiritual meeting with my Guru Hans, he talked to me and I received beautiful blessings. After that I was dreaming about a meeting of disciples, there were Roger and a few more on the meeting. When I woke up I was full of vibrating energy because of the blessings I received. I enjoyed this beautiful healing energy flow in me and kept the energy flowing by doing meditation in the morning hours.

Thank you God, Guru and all loving angels who help me on my spiritual path.

I wish you all a Happy New Year full of blessings.

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015

Spiritual Meetings with my Guru

In this blog post I want to give an overview how I receive spiritual guidance from my guru after he left his physical body and how I met him again repeated times.

In February this year I was gifted to spend the last weeks and moments with my guru before he went home to God. He left his physical body early morning, end of February, 2015. In the evening of the same day after his departure I was sitting in meditation when I was flooded by waves of divine bliss and happiness. Within these waves of divine love my guru spoke to me: "These last days you had been my physical guardian angel to secure a peaceful environment for me to leave my physical body. Now I will be your spiritual guardian angel until you reach your heavenly home in God."

After the departure of Hans, Roger joined me for a kriya yoga retreat in Cambodia. Initially the retreat was planned for about 6 weeks. Then I had a "dream meeting" with Hans. These dream visions with my guru, which I had several times during his physical presence already, are not normal dreams. I feel that they occur on a higher metaphysical level and they often come with specially uplifting healing and blessings for me. Moreover most of the time I can remember a special message. This time after the dream meeting with Hans I just remembered that he said to me: "Why don't you stay longer on the retreat, so you would be still here on my birthday". So I extended the retreat.

All the time after the physical departure of my guru, there was a connection to him on several levels. So I often feel his presence and it is very normal for me that I hear his voice giving comments to me during normal day activity. Then I can ask him questions as well and do a mental dialog with him. Once I even felt that he gave me a clasp on my shoulder physically! This was in the morning after waking up, it was like a wake up clasp "time to be spiritually efficient and concentrated on the spiritual path."

I remember at least another dream meeting with him during this retreat. One day I had the intuition to use the affirmation: "God gives me abundance of energy to easily be active and conscious 24 hours/ day". After having repeated this affirmation many times during the evening, the next night I managed to stay fully conscious. At a certain point this was accompanied by a special feeling of bliss and happiness. During meditation I left my physical body and joined Hans in a metaphysical dream meeting while staying conscious all the time, so I did not lose consciousness when changing between being in my physical body and going to a higher metaphysical sphere.

Then I was back in Germany, did a caregiver course, an internship in a nursing home and then I started to care for disabled people at their home. As this was all new for me it brought many challenges. In addition I got a job where the social environment was very tense. When I really felt in trouble I entered a bus, seated myself and then I saw a small paper laying to my feet. I was drawn to have a look at the paper and there was written: "Don't worry about your future!". After I read this my whole situation changed to the better during the next days. 

This is just an example how I receive guidance and emotional support in daily life. Such things happen often to me and it always just comes at the right time when I specially need it.

During this difficult time I had another dream meeting with Hans, where he remembered me to take more time for meditation. In addition I received several times special healing to cope with this challenging situation. 

The solution for the situation came a few days later when I started meditating in the evening. My room was filled with divine presence, happiness and peace. I received tremendous healing, God talked to me, lovingly explained me the situation  and recommended me to quit this job. In addition he told me that all these problems just were to show me the truth about mankind and planet earth and that now everything will calm down for me to have all the peace for Christmas preparation. 

So I left this job and everything went to the better, I quickly found another job. These months I have several part-time home caring jobs, which I can do peacefully. 

A few weeks ago Hans contacted me again in a dream vision. The main message was to let go from the attachment (and distraction) of women, which surely had been one of my biggest attachments my full life.

I give you one more example of divine presence during dream, which happened to me a few days ago. This was a very special experience. On the occasion of ongoing events in my life I was reading something about the dark side of creation. Then I fell asleep and I found myself in a situation where several dark creatures standing close to me and threatening me. Suddenly I heard a voice singing in the background: "in nomine patris" (in the name of father). The voice only repeated these three words and as soon as the singing started the dark creatures were pushed backwards and quickly had to leave the place. The singing continued and with every repetition a wave of loving, peaceful energy went through my body. After that I woke up and in my mind I continued to sing these three words and each time I repeated it, it triggered a most beautiful and divine healing wave through my body.

Nowadays most of the time I feel directly connected to God. My life is filled with love, bliss, spiritual guidance and God's presence. In addition I encounter many small miracles during daily life.

 I love you all and embrace you in my heart

 May God fill your life with peace, happiness and divine joy

  I wish you all most blissful Christmas days full of love 

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Divine Joy

Yesterday during KriyaYoga meditation I asked God what I can do to improve the kriya pranayama flow. God's advice was to read again the beginning chapters of „On your wings of Love“ to dissolve my remaining fear from God. „On your wings of Love“ is a main section of the Spiritual Treasures, and I have read it several times already and I benefited each time, as there are many important chapters included which work like a „magical key“ on the way to God. 

Some important chapters were able to dissolve blockages in me even when I have read them the 3rd or 4th time, as when I progressed spiritually I could read it on a deeper level and some basic truth like „God is love“ can be a healing affirmation or mantra, which one need to remember often to heal the relationship to god on a deep level.

So I started reading „On your wings of Love“ again and when I came to the chapter „Bhakti Yoga“ and the explanation that everything and everybody is made out of God's divine spirit I realized that on one level I am already one with God as God's energy is entering and flowing through me. This suddenly caused a multiple energy flow from God to me. 

I realized that God's divine spirit is surrounding me and during kriya yoga meditation I concentrated on embracing God's divine spirit with my love and surrendering myself into it. I felt divine joy overcoming me, joy of getting „one with God“. The kriya pranayama flow became similiar to my deepest meditations, when I felt close to maha samadhi specially at the end of my last spiritual retreat in Cambodia.

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Divine Presence

Yesterday my guru reminded me that it is possible to use the sleeping hours for out of body learning, so the soul can continue to receive spiritual lesssons while the physical body takes a rest. I prayed to God to give me spiritual lessons during sleep or to give me „angel work“, as I remember several times when I worked as an angel during the night. In addition I asked God to be more conscious during sleep if this is possible and reasonable.

So after making this prayer yesterday night was different to a normal night: I „dreamed“ more consciously, which means that I was more aware of what I was dreaming, though after each dream I quickly forgot the content and I had much more dreams than normally. 

However, after one dream I suddenly felt this magical divine presence surrounding me like most loving light, being with me, in me and around me. The loving light presence of God I felt strongest around the heart chakra area, though extending to all upper body and into my aura like a big pillar of most intense loving light. This was a special way of experiencing God's presence and the first time with that intensity. The loving presence stayed a while and my kriya pranayama flow was very strong afterwards.  

The kriya pranayama got so strong and sweet that concentrating on this energy flow felt like „eating/absorbing sweet food“. A few days earlier it was similiar: during kriya yoga meditation I obviously got an external infusion of most intense, loving energy and after that the kriya pranayama felt like consuming „sweetest food“.

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Spiritual Preview

After my spiritual retreat in Cambodia last year, during which I felt very close to Maha Samadhi, I prayed to God to give me a preview of what comes after my soul leaves the physical body, as apparently I had some spiritual blockages there.
Then during the next months God showed me two previews of how it feels without physical body on a higher spiritual level. 

One time during Kriya Yoga meditation I suddenly was out of body and I observed myself healing somebody. While I had other out of body experiences, this time it was different because I felt tremendous, my whole body vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling in deep magical peace and love, obviously I was in a higher spiritual light body. This cannot really be described in words, I just felt extremely powerful energy flowing through me and I was in deepest peace and harmony I can ever remember.

So I realized that the physical body is just a burden, because even during deepest meditation I never even felt close to this. During these months God gave me another out of body experience to fulfill my wish of having a spiritual preview, as it always was difficult to me to understand what is coming after losing the physical body.

So basically God showed me the difference in how I feel with physical body: often heavy, burdened, everything is slow and needs lots of energy and efforts; and without physical body in a higher light body: being in magical peace and deepest love, feeling so light, vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling that everything is perfect, everything to do is very easy, needing little energy only.

 Thank you God for fulfilling this prayer wish.