Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Christmas blessing 2011

This year, 2011, God gave me special Christmas blessings. First, he gave me many occasions to help the poor here in Kenya in the last months. So he sent me many people needing food or being in a financial emergency situation like not being able to pay school fees or rent. Often the people needed material and spiritual help at the same time and had been open to accepting spiritual advise and inspiration. In the weeks and days around Christmas God even sent more material and spiritual emergencies to me, partially even several in one day and sometimes I had to give all money that I had in my pocket (or bring more later). In addition, God guided people to me who I could inspire to read spiritual texts about kriya yoga and I explained to them the love prayer and bowing to the feet of God and all mankind.

As in December 2011 I still stayed with the orphanage I had many additional occasions to support them. So I sponsored there a few more things, bought gifts for the orphans and sometimes I brought fruits and cakes to brighten up there Christmas season. During these weeks several people called it a miracle from God that I came to them.

So first God gave me the chance to create miracles for others and at the same time, I enjoyed increased blessing from God. This special blessing started with the beginning of December with much easier, more loving and flowing kriya yoga meditation. From this time on my meditations usually were very loving, energy normally flowing from the very beginning and often after hours I enjoyed even more sweet love flowing. So nowadays it is really a joy to do the kriya yoga meditations. In addition, I got a very special Christmas gift during the Holy Night: I woke up at 2:00 am because of most intense Christmas blessing: a sweet infusion of most divine sweetest love entered my energy centres at the back and I enjoyed this divine bliss and love for hours. 

After Christmas all continued: so God sent me more people to help and I am receiving even more blessing. These days now I am starting my volunteering in Uganda. God blessed me to be here in a very remote and natural environment, were I enjoy very loving, peaceful and uplifting kriya yoga meditation.

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