Montag, 1. Oktober 2018

Overcoming Spiritual Crises

There had been many difficult times and life crises on my spiritual path. I want to share with you what helped me best to overcome these spiritual crises.

💜 Bowing before God and the world: Often when I did not know how to move on and everything seemed complicated in my life it was a big help to physically bow. Then I bow before God and all creation with an attitude of humbleness and love for God and all people. This regularly proved to be very effective for me in difficult times of my life. When I do this exercise concentrated and with a loving attitude, I feel an instant increase in energy flow in me. If needed I do this bowing sometimes 3-4 times, with about 10-15 minutes bowing time for each session. I just massage and relax my knees a bit in between these sessions as legs would feel numb otherwise. This often results in an intense healing, uplifting and clearing of my mind so I see better what to do next.

💟 Concentrating on 💕 Love & Forgiveness: In challenging times I often felt like going on a walk in nature and envisioning that I radiate love and light from my heart to all people, extending into all creation. Then I usually focus on dropping all what I feel is between my heart and all other people. So I would just let go of all that comes in my mind that disturbs my inner harmony, like pain, conflicts and things that went wrong.
This initiated repeated times powerful healing in me and an increase in energy flow. I feel then that my chest and throat area is opening up and I can breathe freely again. Important is to consciously forgive all and ourselves. With focusing on this and truly forgiving all in my heart I often felt a powerful “cleansing” and deep connection to God and all creation on the heart level. It proved to me to be very helpful to sometimes concentrate for hours on forgiving all. Often I did this successfully during a walk in nature.

💛 Light 💛 Shower, open for God: I often use this exercise to cleanse myself from all troubles and problems that occur during the day. It is as powerful as I manage to open myself for God and surrender all to God. The light shower and similar exercises often had been extremely powerful and uplifting for me, especially when I was in deepest trouble, probably because in difficult times I was more ready to truly surrender all to God.

💛 God Yoga = 💟 Love Prayer: This is a short and loving prayer to God that always had been very uplifting and “cleansing” whenever I managed to have a loving and open attitude combined with the readiness to surrender all problems to God. After some initial exercise, I started to feel the love from God, which is so beautiful that it never can be described in words, but must be experienced ourselves. Often I combined the love prayer with the bowing exercise that I mentioned above, which proved to be very uplifting and healing for me.

💙 Sharing:  
In difficult times of my life, it was often the event of sharing, which initiated a life change to the better. All different kinds of sharing proved to be very helpful and frequently after sharing something I felt increased energy flow in me:
- Sharing money: There had been always additional help to me after I shared money with the poor or if I gave money for a spiritual purpose (often I spent 500€ or sometimes 1000€ at once).
- Sharing experiences & knowledge: I always felt great when I had an opportunity to share valuable experiences or knowledge with other people, especially when I had an occasion to inspire somebody about God and love. Now it is similar as while sharing my experiences with you on my blog I feel an increased energy flow in my body.

💛 Spiritual affirmations & Uplifting music often had been a great support for me in challenging times of my life.

While above I explained to you what helped me best to get out of a life crisis, now I will mention as well what helped me to keep a good connection to God and to stay in a spiritual flow:

💛 Mind Control & 💜 Mantram: most of the time it works perfectly for me to concentrate on OM in Kutashta to keep the connection to God, I also use other Mantrams mentioned in the Spiritual Treasures

💜 Kriya Yoga: whenever I managed to do regular Kriya Yoga meditation it was much easier to stay connected to God

Montag, 18. Juni 2018

Kriya Yoga Retreat August 2018

From 01st August to  21st August 2018 there will be a retreat window for beginner and more advanced Kriya Yogis to meet here in Cork, Ireland.

You may come here for one week, two weeks or three weeks.
If needed earlier arrivals or later departures might be possible on request.
Please let me know asap if you are interested to participate in the retreat:

  ❤❤❤ I love you all ❤❤❤