Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Balance Your Energy

I realized that my energy is flowing best if I have a good mixture between physical activity and time for kriya yoga meditation, it is like YIN and YANG. When I tried to meditate the full day I realized that meditation often is much better after physical activity, which could be physical work, walking in nature or Hatha Yoga excercise.

When I skip the physical activity I often get very tired and then it is hard to do good meditation. As well in the morning I normally need physical activity first to activate the body after sleep. A walk in the fresh morning air and I feel much better or a round of good Hatha Yoga and a refreshing shower are an option for a good start into the day.

However, it is always important to listen to your own body needs. So if you get tired during meditation you may consider any activity to wake up your body. Furthermore often a change of location is helpful, because every location has a different energy. That is why you rarely feel good if you are at the same place all day, like staying at home all the time. 

Though when I had my best “spiritual/ love flows“ physical activity and change of place were not as important any more as my connection to God and my prana flow was so strong that 1-2 hours of sleep had been enough to feel tremendous.

As well being with loving people or visiting a place with nice music can be very uplifting and balancing of your energy. So sometimes I reconnected to god while sitting silently in my favourite dancing place, where there is nice salsa music played and which is visited by loving people. Of course dancing itself can bring the energy into flow as well, which I often observed when I was dancing in a nice location with uplifting music and loving community. Furthermore sometimes it was just a nice meal in a restaurant, which helped me to open and reconnect to god and love again. 

In these situations it helps me to enjoy food consciously and with an attitude of being thankful to everybody who contributed to it to feel love-worthy and so my love flow and God connection is triggered through it.
Though most of the time all I needed to balance my energy was just a peaceful, silent walk in nature with concentrating on god and love. During a nature walk energy flows easily and for me this was always the fastest way to recover from a hard and stressful working day or after having experienced emotional distress.

Just listen to your own intuition and heart and you will feel what you need to get energy and love flowing again. 

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