Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Spiritual affirmations

I would like to share some of the spiritual affirmations, that often proved to be extremely helplul for me. It seems to me that god, angels or spiritual guides whispered them to me when I needed them most. (I always use them in thoughts.)

I am a free child of god.
This affirmation often helped me to realize and remember that I have full freedom to do whatever feels best and most loving.

I am made to the image of god. This often helped me to feel lovable.

I am going home to god. This one I used often the last years and when my mind comes to the word God I breath in (allowing God to enter my body) and with breathing out I surrender all to god. This proved to be extremely uplifting, often I felt fully refreshed even after minutes.

God is love. This affirmation helped me in many difficult situations and spiritual crisis to concentrate on Faith in god.

I am love or Martin is love. This often helped me to feel loveworthy again whenever things went wrong and when I started to blame myself or when other criticized me. 

Through reading the spiritual treasures I got inspired for these affirmations.

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