Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Love Flow

There had been different situations which triggered such deep peace, love and increased God connection. Such triggers had been:

- spiritual exercises, like 
Kriya Yoga, Love Prayer, Light shower (open for God)
- concentrating on loving all (thinking to radiate love and light to all)
- listening to 
Uplifting music  (examples: “The Lonely Shepherd“ from Zamfir, Angeles from Enya, but it works with all loving music)
- dancing
- giving massage

- giving spiritual healing

- heavy and long work! (especially when I really had to walk and move)
- service work (I worked some time in restaurant service)
- suddenly when evening starts (around sunset)
- sometimes when enjoying food or hot drinks in a loving atmosphere

Priority in life

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My values and goal in life

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I have a clear 1. priority in life: to find my way home to god = God union, which means to have freedom, love and peace for eternity.
Everything else in my life needs to support this goal:
-living according spiritual laws, which means for example to live without violence, to be truthful and honest (no lies), to be modest and free of addictions and have devotion for god.
-doing spiritual exercises, most important Kriya Yoga and Love Prayer
-my profession: My job selection is based on contributing any loving and useful work without doing any harm to part of creation. So now I start to work as a naturopath (Heilpraktiker) and spiritual healer (Geistheiler).
-Health: I select activities that support my physical and spiritual wellbeing: walking, jogging in nature...

Gifts from God

Yes I am conscious about many situations, meetings and miracles created for me by God.

Jobs: in the last 10 years job oppurtinities came just at the right time. For example, once I needed a job, a cousin told me that she knows a possible job for me and a few days later I got it. 

Meetings: There had been so many meetings with persons where I clearly realized, that they had been arranged. Often I met a person spontaneously and we had a deep talk for some hours and then we said goodbye with one or several loving hugs.

Situations where God helped me: There had been many. For example, once I was late for an important bus and a lady stopped for me (I have not given any signs) and she said that she only stopped because she loves Jesus and she told me „God must really love you“, I answered „I know“.

Support through my guru: guidance through email, phone calls, 3 visits, messages or chapters on CA or Facebook that appear at the right time and are often connected to my current situation, several visions during the sleep where he gave me guidance and healing/uplifting (because I always was full of energy after it).

Miracles during everyday life: When I had been in a crisis (and prayed to God) in the coming days/weeks there arrived different kinds of support/ help. Sometimes I met the right person, or I read the right message in a book, TV, internet,..; or the right answer just appeared in my mind (specially after deep Kriya Yoga meditations, long walks in nature or just after the night sleep).

When I am „in a love flow/ spiritual flow“ and feel God's presence I know that every second is a miracle and nothing can go wrong. 

Thanks to God, my guru and all others that supported me so far on my path to God union.

Uplifting music

đź’› Very often it was a beautiful, most loving song, that connected me instantly to God. Some uplifting songs feel for me like magic, even from first second I feel like in heaven and in a deep spiritual/love flow. đź’›

I share with you some of these music titles that help me to open for God and uplift me:

Zamfir: “The Lonely Shepherd” (this is very healing music)
Enya: “Angeles” (I experienced deep healing only by listening to this song for hours, it feels like it brings on the Angels)
Enya: "Echoes in Rain"
Enya: “May it be”, “Amarantine”, “Athair Ar Neamh” (and many more songs from Enya)
Londonbeat: “You bring on the sun” and “I've been thinking about you”
Desireless: “Voyage”
Celtic Woman: “Ave Maria” (so beautiful Ave Maria version)
Enya: "Adeste Fideles"
Jose Feliciano: “Feliz Navidad” 
(This and many other beautiful Christmas songs help me to bring the “embrace-all-Christmas-feeling” into my heart)

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

My path of love home to God

Born in catholic church I never had any real spiritual experiences in my early youth. Then I searched for something deeper and started to do meditation. With reading and practising the teachings about God and love, explained in the spiritual treasures, a totally new life started, a life with lots of deep and exciting spiritual experiences.

Already with reading these spiritual texts, I felt an immense increase in energy flowing through me, as the truth is healing and some spiritual blockages are dissolved instantly. 

After having done the love prayer several times I started to feel the beautiful love from God. This got more and more loving, healing and uplifting with more exercise.

With trusting and connecting myself better and better to God, I realized that all life goes smoother, everything that I need comes at the right time and place and my life is filled with much more love and peace. The key technique explained at this website is kriya yoga, which purifies body and soul until one is ready for God union. God union means to go home to God and reunite with God while keeping an individual consciousness and personality.

So I practised more and more kriya yoga meditation and worked on applying spiritual rules and solutions of love in all life situations. Then all got more intense and I felt better and better. I started to fall into ecstatic love flows, which means I feel in magical love with all, feeling like a flying angel for hours. After about 5 years on this spiritual path I learned that I gained the gift of giving spiritual healing to others, which just means that I transfer the healing love from God to the person in need.

I realized that the key lesson on earth is to learn to feel unconditional love for all.

Spiritual guidance

In this article, I want to show how I receive spiritual guidance beyond the normal ways of communication.

Several times my guru gave me spiritual guidance in dreams, which always had been very special and after such a vision I wake up feeling powerful energy flowing and inspiration. This started after I visited him the first time.

I feel God's presence and guidance when I am in a spiritual flow, which I experienced regularly after the first years of general spiritual preparation and starting with the kriya yoga meditation. During such a flow I feel deeply connected to God and all and I feel guided in everything I am doing. I feel like everything is perfect and as if I only could do everything perfectly. For example, I easily get into such a flow when I have the occasion to inspire somebody about God and love and then I feel guided what and how to talk to the person. Such flows often stay for hours, but there are many things which could stop it, like being too long in crowded places like cities or just concentrating too much on distracting things, which could be talking about everyday life or problems. Often I totally lost this guidance for days and sometimes even for weeks or months, especially when I did not manage to have enough peaceful time for prayer, meditation and going into nature.

Especially when I go on a walk through nature I often receive guidance through an inner voice talking to me and explaining me the current situation. This inner voice often talks to me for hours with loving words and helps me to understand the current situation. This only happens when I have peace, like in nature, never when I am busy with problems and everyday life. Though even when I encountered difficult situations or problems this inner voice often gave some words of comfort or motivation. It only started talking to me after some years of meditation and concentrating my life on God and love. I never heard this voice in all the years before.

Volunteering in Uganda

After 3 months in Kenya I spent another 3 months volunteering in Uganda. This time it was in a very remote area, so it was a totally different experience compared to the busy region of Mombasa.

 This is one of the class rooms, where I volunteered as a teacher.

 The African people in the remote countryside live still in mud houses.

 Though all is surrounded by beautiful nature and orchards.

Here you see some of my pupils.

 There you see the school from outside, just like a wooden hut.

Mainly, I taught maths and English in a Primary School. I really enjoyed to teach and be with the small children, who are very friendly and happy to meet a “musungu” (=white person). In addition I worked on developing a vegetable and fruit tree garden for the school. So I sponsored a variety of vegetable and fruit tree seeds, developed seedlings in a nursery bed and at the beginning of the rainy season we (= pupils of the higher classes, teachers and me) started to plant them.
In addition there were many other possibilities to help the poor. So I sponsored the school fees for 18 children (mostly orphans), who were not able to pay the small fee of about 15-20€ for one year. Furthermore I paid a hospital bill for a poor one and helped financially in some other cases.
Altogether it was an interesting experience to live in an area where there is still some natural bush and the people live very modest with most of them having traditional mud houses, water needs to be fetched from the well and power was only available in 3 houses of the village, which had solar panels installed. And of course almost all work is done manually with some very simple tools. So the people were busy with digging, planting, harvesting and fetching water for washing, cooking, cleaning and bathing.
Now I am back in the “high tech”-country Germany and realize how much we do with machines, work in dark fabrication halls and moreover how much hectic and stress we have here compared to the relaxed living style of the African people.
Reading the spiritual treasures motivated and inspired me to do these 6 months of volunteering in Africa. These precious teachings are available in a free offline version contained in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga.