Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Spiritual Preview

After my spiritual retreat in Cambodia last year, during which I felt very close to Maha Samadhi, I prayed to God to give me a preview of what comes after my soul leaves the physical body, as apparently I had some spiritual blockages there.
Then during the next months God showed me two previews of how it feels without physical body on a higher spiritual level. 

One time during Kriya Yoga meditation I suddenly was out of body and I observed myself healing somebody. While I had other out of body experiences, this time it was different because I felt tremendous, my whole body vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling in deep magical peace and love, obviously I was in a higher spiritual light body. This cannot really be described in words, I just felt extremely powerful energy flowing through me and I was in deepest peace and harmony I can ever remember.

So I realized that the physical body is just a burden, because even during deepest meditation I never even felt close to this. During these months God gave me another out of body experience to fulfill my wish of having a spiritual preview, as it always was difficult to me to understand what is coming after losing the physical body.

So basically God showed me the difference in how I feel with physical body: often heavy, burdened, everything is slow and needs lots of energy and efforts; and without physical body in a higher light body: being in magical peace and deepest love, feeling so light, vibrating of most powerful energy, feeling that everything is perfect, everything to do is very easy, needing little energy only.

 Thank you God for fulfilling this prayer wish.

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