Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Divine Joy

Yesterday during KriyaYoga meditation I asked God what I can do to improve the kriya pranayama flow. God's advice was to read again the beginning chapters of „On your wings of Love“ to dissolve my remaining fear from God. „On your wings of Love“ is a main section of the Spiritual Treasures, and I have read it several times already and I benefited each time, as there are many important chapters included which work like a „magical key“ on the way to God. 

Some important chapters were able to dissolve blockages in me even when I have read them the 3rd or 4th time, as when I progressed spiritually I could read it on a deeper level and some basic truth like „God is love“ can be a healing affirmation or mantra, which one need to remember often to heal the relationship to god on a deep level.

So I started reading „On your wings of Love“ again and when I came to the chapter „Bhakti Yoga“ and the explanation that everything and everybody is made out of God's divine spirit I realized that on one level I am already one with God as God's energy is entering and flowing through me. This suddenly caused a multiple energy flow from God to me. 

I realized that God's divine spirit is surrounding me and during kriya yoga meditation I concentrated on embracing God's divine spirit with my love and surrendering myself into it. I felt divine joy overcoming me, joy of getting „one with God“. The kriya pranayama flow became similiar to my deepest meditations, when I felt close to maha samadhi specially at the end of my last spiritual retreat in Cambodia.

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