Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Feeling connected to god

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Love flow

There had been many situations where I felt this magical love flow, which means I feel in love with all and I feel like flying and embracing all in my heart. There always had been a connection to god when I felt in these „spiritual flows“.
There had been many different situations when I suddenly fell into such deep peace, love and god connection. Such triggers had been:
- spiritual exercises, like
Kriya Yoga, Love Prayer, Light shower (open for God)
- concentrating on loving all (thinking to radiate love and light to all)
- listening to
Uplifting music  (examples: “The Lonely Shepherd“ from Zamfir, Angeles from Enya, but it works with all loving music)
- dancing
- giving massage
- giving spiritual healing (
- heavy and long work! (especially when I really had to walk and move)
- service work (I worked some time in restaurant service)
- suddenly when evening starts (around sunset)
- sometimes when enjoying food or drinks in loving atmosphere

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