Montag, 5. August 2013

Volunteering in an Orphanage in Kenya

End of November 2011 the schools in Kenya closed for one-month holiday break. So after I taught 2 months in a primary school I volunteered in an orphanage for about one month.

orphanage, front view

In my first weeks here I focused on improving the overall situation of the orphanage. So I paid the money for repairing the fridge and bought new shoes for 4 boys, hence they were able to play football. Moreover, we (the caretaker, the children and me) planted 12 fruit trees of a different kind in the garden of the orphanage and school, which belong together.

The garden of the orphanage

In addition, I helped them watering the garden or sorting out beans, though there was not so much work, because most of the orphanage children were already between 13 and 18 and knew how to cook, clean and wash their clothes themselves. Though beside doing general house and garden work I found some opportunities to explain the children spiritual basics. So I talked with them about the law of karma or personal experiences of God's love, which I mainly gained through kriya yoga meditation.

Moreover, I tried to bring more fun into the life of the children. Therefore I went with them to the beach, as even the children with 17 or 18 years were not allowed to go there on their own. Furthermore, I sometimes brought fruits or sweets to the orphanage, as they normally could not afford it. As well I sponsored food for the Christmas days so they could afford to have something special. However, the most fun we had when the children and I sang and danced while listening to Christmas music.

Generally, in the first months here in Kenya I had many occasions to help poorer ones, like giving food to children. In addition, I encountered many challenges to grow stronger in life. The decision to volunteer for 6 months in Africa was built after reading inspirational texts from the spiritual treasures and personal advice from my spiritual teacher.

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