Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Spiritual guidance

In this article, I want to show how I receive spiritual guidance beyond the normal ways of communication.

Several times my guru gave me spiritual guidance in dreams, which always had been very special and after such a vision I wake up feeling powerful energy flowing and inspiration. This started after I visited him the first time.

I feel God's presence and guidance when I am in a spiritual flow, which I experienced regularly after the first years of general spiritual preparation and starting with the kriya yoga meditation. During such a flow I feel deeply connected to God and all and I feel guided in everything I am doing. I feel like everything is perfect and as if I only could do everything perfectly. For example, I easily get into such a flow when I have the occasion to inspire somebody about God and love and then I feel guided what and how to talk to the person. Such flows often stay for hours, but there are many things which could stop it, like being too long in crowded places like cities or just concentrating too much on distracting things, which could be talking about everyday life or problems. Often I totally lost this guidance for days and sometimes even for weeks or months, especially when I did not manage to have enough peaceful time for prayer, meditation and going into nature.

Especially when I go on a walk through nature I often receive guidance through an inner voice talking to me and explaining me the current situation. This inner voice often talks to me for hours with loving words and helps me to understand the current situation. This only happens when I have peace, like in nature, never when I am busy with problems and everyday life. Though even when I encountered difficult situations or problems this inner voice often gave some words of comfort or motivation. It only started talking to me after some years of meditation and concentrating my life on God and love. I never heard this voice in all the years before.

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