Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Gifts from God

Yes I am conscious about many situations, meetings and miracles created for me by God.

Jobs: in the last 10 years job oppurtinities came just at the right time. For example, once I needed a job, a cousin told me that she knows a possible job for me and a few days later I got it. 

Meetings: There had been so many meetings with persons where I clearly realized, that they had been arranged. Often I met a person spontaneously and we had a deep talk for some hours and then we said goodbye with one or several loving hugs.

Situations where God helped me: There had been many. For example, once I was late for an important bus and a lady stopped for me (I have not given any signs) and she said that she only stopped because she loves Jesus and she told me „God must really love you“, I answered „I know“.

Support through my guru: guidance through email, phone calls, 3 visits, messages or chapters on CA or Facebook that appear at the right time and are often connected to my current situation, several visions during the sleep where he gave me guidance and healing/uplifting (because I always was full of energy after it).

Miracles during everyday life: When I had been in a crisis (and prayed to God) in the coming days/weeks there arrived different kinds of support/ help. Sometimes I met the right person, or I read the right message in a book, TV, internet,..; or the right answer just appeared in my mind (specially after deep Kriya Yoga meditations, long walks in nature or just after the night sleep).

When I am „in a love flow/ spiritual flow“ and feel God's presence I know that every second is a miracle and nothing can go wrong. 

Thanks to God, my guru and all others that supported me so far on my path to God union.

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