Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

My path of love home to God

Born in catholic church I never had any real spiritual experiences in my early youth. Then I searched for something deeper and started to do meditation. With reading and practising the teachings about God and love, explained in the spiritual treasures, a totally new life started, a life with lots of deep and exciting spiritual experiences.

Already with reading these spiritual texts, I felt an immense increase in energy flowing through me, as the truth is healing and some spiritual blockages are dissolved instantly. 

After having done the love prayer several times I started to feel the beautiful love from God. This got more and more loving, healing and uplifting with more exercise.

With trusting and connecting myself better and better to God, I realized that all life goes smoother, everything that I need comes at the right time and place and my life is filled with much more love and peace. The key technique explained at this website is kriya yoga, which purifies body and soul until one is ready for God union. God union means to go home to God and reunite with God while keeping an individual consciousness and personality.

So I practised more and more kriya yoga meditation and worked on applying spiritual rules and solutions of love in all life situations. Then all got more intense and I felt better and better. I started to fall into ecstatic love flows, which means I feel in magical love with all, feeling like a flying angel for hours. After about 5 years on this spiritual path I learned that I gained the gift of giving spiritual healing to others, which just means that I transfer the healing love from God to the person in need.

I realized that the key lesson on earth is to learn to feel unconditional love for all.

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