Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Uplifting music

đź’› Very often it was a beautiful, most loving song, that connected me instantly to God. Some uplifting songs feel for me like magic, even from first second I feel like in heaven and in a deep spiritual/love flow. đź’›

I share with you some of these music titles that help me to open for God and uplift me:

Zamfir: “The Lonely Shepherd” (this is very healing music)
Enya: “Angeles” (I experienced deep healing only by listening to this song for hours, it feels like it brings on the Angels)
Enya: "Echoes in Rain"
Enya: “May it be”, “Amarantine”, “Athair Ar Neamh” (and many more songs from Enya)
Londonbeat: “You bring on the sun” and “I've been thinking about you”
Desireless: “Voyage”
Celtic Woman: “Ave Maria” (so beautiful Ave Maria version)
Enya: "Adeste Fideles"
Jose Feliciano: “Feliz Navidad” 
(This and many other beautiful Christmas songs help me to bring the “embrace-all-Christmas-feeling” into my heart)

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