Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Water Fasting

Water Fasting has been highly beneficial to me whenever I decided to do it. In the beginning, I just skipped meals and replaced them with drinking water (or sometimes herbal teas). This was already very helpful and I felt a nice cleansing after skipping breakfast and drinking water instead.

Later on, I started to water fast for a few days, then 5 days, 7 days, 10 days and now I did 12 days. For any longer fasts beyond the first days, it is highly recommended to know exactly what you are doing before you start the fast, otherwise, it could be dangerous.

This 12-day water fast was embedded in a spiritual retreat, which I did last March/April together with Roger. As a preparation, I started to reduce the food intake for two days, with the second day eating fruits only. Fruits are helpful before fasting because they start to cleanse the body already. At this fruit-only-day, I experienced an emotional low in the afternoon, which in my case comes typically together with cravings for sweet food, like chocolate. I allowed myself to eat coconut meat in addition to the fruits. Later during the fasting, there had been almost no food cravings any more. In earlier fasts especially the first days had been accompanied with more cravings for food.

Then for the next 12 days, I was drinking only water with the exception of a little-squeezed lime juice, which helps to have a bowel movement. This time the fasting was special as I started it at the beginning of the holy week. The first days were similar to earlier fasting experiences with being sometimes physically weak, but having periods of high energy as well.

The experience changed with Good Friday, as I obviously received blessings to deepen my fasting cleanse. From this day on I was physically very weak, as all energy seemed to concentrate on the profound cleansing process. Though my meditation focus went totally inside and the energy flow was increased. So I just concentrated on meditating almost full time, as my body was too weak to go for a walk or to do Hatha Yoga. I was emotionally totally stable and relaxed and just went peacefully through the intense healing process, as I knew that it would be highly beneficial for me. 

During the fast, my mind cleared totally and I received answers, ideas, inspirations about everything which was relevant for my life, including how to move on with work.

My physical energy started to come back during the last days of the water fast, my meditation went deeper and I felt better day by day. For securing bowel movement I needed to take a laxative several times and especially helpful was to break the water fast with prune juice, which triggered a bowel movement a few hours later.

The first days after the water fast I drank only prune juice and freshly squeezed juices, like pineapple juice. Then I started slowly to eat again, which was the first day only fruits, second day fruits and salad and following days still mainly fruits and salads, but allowing a bit bread, nuts, olives,...

After the fasting, I felt exactly what my body needed: after the prune juice my body asked for pineapple juice. When I started to eat my body told me exactly what it needed, first fruits, especially pineapple, next day additionally some vegetables, especially pepper, then I added sunflower seeds, olives and bread to the diet. This was not food cravings, which was the case for earlier fasts, as my body didn't ask for sweets or cooked foods. I was emotionally more stable to break the fast than I was last times, as normally cravings came back quickly.

The result of the fasting was that I felt tremendous after it. I developed an amazing good connection to God, had a spiritual, emotional and physical high and I felt strong on all levels.
After 15 days of first only water and last days only juices I had amazing good Kriya Yoga meditation, almost no sleep (0-2 hours only every night), just very beautiful and loving prana flow, feeling so much joy, love and happiness.
This continued when I started to allow moderate food intake. Generally, I really felt like a newborn after the fasting, my mind got clear and I had an abundance of energy.

At the end of the retreat, after the intense fasting Kriya Yoga meditation was very deep, often I felt Divine sweetness in the spine and in the morning hours I woke up with an amazing energy "flush"/ flow, which I rarely experienced before that.

I thank God, my guru, saints, angels and Roger, who all supported me during this intense cleansing process and helped me to accomplish it successfully.

Have also a look at this 5-day water fast, that I shared earlier on.

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